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InTek Freight and Logistics is where companies come when faced with a freight and logistics problem within their supply chain.

How to Protect Freight from Freezing this Winter

Intermodal Spot Rate Pricing Trendline Analysis

The Ins & Outs of Intermodal Transportation.

The Ins & Outs of Intermodal Transportation.

Everything you need to know about domestic intermodal and how to be successful implementing it into your logistics strategy. Gives tips, tricks and insights on intermodal and what to watch out for when converting from truckload to intermodal.

How Do Labor Shortages Impact Shipping

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Reasons for Outbound Freight Capacity Shortages in SoCal - Los Angeles

How to Get Your Outbound Chicago Freight Moving Again

How to Get Your Outbound SoCal - Los Angeles Freight Moving Again

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Top 6 Actions Shippers Can Take to Lessen Truckload Capacity Challenges

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Shelli Austin Re-Elected to IANA Board of Directors & Vice Chairman

Blocking & Bracing for Intermodal Freight Shipments

Harmonic Vibration Impact on Intermodal Freight Shipments

Best Logistics & Supply Chain KPI & Metrics Companies Should Monitor

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How-To Eliminate LTL Damage and OS&D Claims

Intek Receives Carrier of the Year Award from Guitar Center

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Benefits of Intermodal Transportation. (Beyond the Typical List)

Headhaul vs Backhaul Freight Market: Why it Matters for Pricing

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Pros & Cons of Using Intermodal for Your Company's Shipments

2019 Class I Railroad Year End Volume Statistics

JB Hunt's Intermodal Model vs Class I Railroads: Pros and Cons of Each

Cost of TMS Software: Comparing Cloud vs Licensed Models

Pros & Cons of Using Truckload for Your Company’s Shipments

How to Negotiate & Manage a Competitive Freight Rate RFP

What is the Difference in Prepaid & Add and Collect Freight

Warehouse Management System (WMS) Benefits & Importance to Shipping

Top 10 Transportation Management Software (TMS) Implementation Pitfalls to Avoid

MercuryGate TMS Strategic Software Partners

Top 15 Benefits of a Cloud-Based TMS System

What is a Drop Shipment & What Are the Benefits

Functional Components of Best Transportation Management Systems (TMS)

Ways a TMS Benefits a Company's Supply Chain

TMS Market Size & Growth Expectations

Warehouse vs. Distribution Center Explained

Definition of LTL Volume Shipment Rate Quotes

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Methods to Secure Freight Cargo

Beneficial Cargo Owner (BCO): Definition & Importance

Offshoring Defined and Top 10 Benefits

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Sustainable Supply Chain Explained

FAK (Freight All Kinds) Defined & Benefits to Shippers

Definition of Shipping Commodity In-Bond within United States

NMFC LTL Freight Codes Defined & Why Important

What is the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association)?

Carmack Amendment Explained in Detail

InTek Freight & Logistics Receives 2019 Best of Indianapolis Award

Freight Cargo Insurance Policy Types Explained

Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) Classification System Explained

What are Container Freight Stations (CFS): Purpose & Benefits

Definition and Importance of Gross & Tare Weight in Logistics

Validating Freight Carrier is Operating Legally: How-to & Why Important

Definition and Benefits of a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ)

What is CTPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism)?

Bill of Lading (BOL) Defined & Its Importance

Top 10 Benefits of Nearshoring

IPI Freight Definition and Best Practices

Importance of Order-to-Cash Cycle in Logistics & Supply Chain

What is Omnichannel Distribution: Types and Challenges Explained

Overview of Incoterms Defined

Freight Pricing Methods Defined: Contract -Project - Spot

Freight Motor Carrier Defined in 100 Words

What is the Difference in Logistics & Supply Chain?

What Is Supply Chain & Why is It Important?

Importance of an Inbound Freight Routing Guide

Logistics Service Provider (LSP) Defined in 100 Words

What is a Transportation Management Software (TMS) System?

Definition of Freight Accessorial Charges in 100 Words

What is Managed Transportation Services & Its Benefits?

Definition of Logistics

Definition of Third Party Logistics Company (3PL) in 100 Words

Definition of Freight Consolidation & Benefits in 100 Words

Reefer Freight Defined in 100 Words

Definition of a Freight Broker

When to Use a Freight Broker in Your Logistics Strategy

Definition of Less-than-Truckload (LTL) Freight

Truckload (FTL) Defined in 100 Words

Detention, Demurrage, Per Diem and Storage Accessorials Defined in 100 Words

Intermodal Transportation Services & Intermodal Market Size Defined

What is an Intermodal Marketing Company (IMC)?

Class I, II & III Railroads Defined in 100 Words

Top 5 Freight Mode Acronym Definitions You Need to Know in Logistics

Intek Awarded Logistics Excellence at PaperWorks Carrier Event

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Options to Access Rail and Intermodal for Capacity & Logistics Savings

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Transportation Management System (TMS): Functionality, Benefits & Implementation Guide

Logistics and Supply Chain Management - Comprehensive Guide

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Intermodal Transportation Process Walkthrough: From Start to Shipped

Refrigerated Intermodal for Temp Control Shippers

Top 10 Benefits of LTL Freight Consolidation and How-to Implement

Why Diversification of Truckload & Intermodal is Key to Logistics Success

Intermodal Transportation - Beginners Guide and FAQ's

Cross Border Shipments US-Mexico-Canada: How-to & Cost Considerations

Top 10 Intermodal Misconceptions: What You Need to Know

Cost of Freight Accessorial Charges: Definitions & Tips on How-to Avoid

Logistics Service Providers vs Motor Carriers: Comparing the Differences

Top 5 Expedited Freight Companies (and Expedited Service How-to Guide)

Logistic Service Provider (LSP) vs Freight Broker: A Comprehensive Comparison

Inbound Freight Management Services: Top 10 Benefits & Why Often Overlooked

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InTek Freight & Logistics in the News - Helping MercuryGate TMS Growth

Cost of Intermodal Transportation Services (Rates, Fees & Variables)

Comparison between Freight Broker and Managed Transportation Services Freight Operation Models

Comparing Truckload vs Intermodal: 11 Differences Shippers Should Know

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Intermodal Marketing Company (IMC) - (Definition, Purpose & Value)

Christmas Tree Shipping via Intermodal Transportation

Shipping Nursery Stock via Intermodal Rail

Intermodal Drop Container Pool Programs

How to Ship Intermodal Without Damage

Shipping Steel Via Intermodal

Intermodal Weight - The Most Common Issue for Shippers