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2nd Consecutive Week Domestic Intermodal Spot Rates Increased

by Rick LaGore on 2018-01-17 12:26:51

Fast_Intermodal.jpgComments on the Weekly Intermodal Rate Charts:

Domestic intermodal spot rates are:

  • Up 0.8% from last week.
  • Down 0.8% from 90 days ago.
  • Up 16.6% from prior year.

Domestic intermodal rates inch up for the second consecutive week.

Summary-Rates-1.pngDAT Trendlines reported the national average for 53' dry van rates was $2.28 per mile, which is a decrease of $0.02 a mile.  This positions the national truckload spot rate up 22% over prior year versus domestic intermodal being up 17%.  The combination of the percentage increase being lower with intermodal and the truckload rate having held over $2.00 a mile creates more conversation and execution of modal conversion in the marketplace. 

Cold temperature cities continue to struggle with capacity on any given day.

Diesel Fuel Comments:

The EIA reported average diesel fuel price of $3.028 per gallon this week, which is a $0.032 increase from the prior week. 

The last time diesel was above $3.00 a gallon was for the week of Jan 12 2015, when it reported $3.053 a gallon.

The price per gallon is up $0.443 or 17.1% higher from the same period last year.    

Oil is only slightly down this week with WTI and Brent is trading today $64.10 and $69.45, respectively.  

The most recent projection by the EIA for diesel and oil prices were published on November 7.  In the report, diesel is projected to average $2.83 in calendar year 2018.  

The full spreadsheet of the historical weekly price moves of diesel full can be found at https://www.eia.gov/petroleum/gasdiesel/

Graphs listed below include:

  • 53' Domestic Intermodal Price Index & Diesel Fuel Prices
  • Price Changes in 53' Domestic Intermodal Pricing & Diesel - 1/1/2013 Baseline
  • Rolling 52 Year-over-Year Comparison - 53' Domestic Intermodal and Diesel Fuel Prices
  • Rolling 52 Year-over-Year % Change - 53' Domestic Intermodal and Diesel Fuel Prices
 Intermodal & Diesel Prices-35.png

 Intermodal & Diesel Compare to Baseline-13.png

 Intermodal & Diesel Yr-over-Yr Comparison-35.png

 Intermodal & Diesel Price Yr-over-Yr  Change-24.png

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