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Domestic Intermodal Rates Remain at Peak Levels

by Rick LaGore on 2017-09-28 15:20:22

intermodal and truckload spot ratesComments on the Weekly Intermodal Rate Charts:

Domestic intermodal spot rates are:

  • Down 3.2% from last week.
  • Up 13.9% from 90 days ago.
  • Up 10.3% from prior year.

The story remains the same ... networks are imbalanced from two hurricanes; diesel rates continue to rise with the price of oil holding above $50 a barrel; and overall freight volumes are up.  The combination of these three factors have caused capacity to remain tight and keep domestic intermodal spot markets elevated.

Diesel Fuel Comments:

The EIA reported average diesel fuel price of $2.788 per gallon this week, which is a $0.002 increase from the prior week.  The price per gallon is up $0.406 or 17.0% higher from the same period last year.    

WTI continues to hold above $50 a barrel.  WTI and Brent are trading this week in the range of $51.50 and $57.60, respectively.   OPEC's announcement of holding to production cuts and indications of a short-term oil inventory draw down are holding oil pricing above $50 a barrel.  Even with that said, supply has the long-term prospect of outpacing demand, so expect oil to continue to be a battle ground topic for the foreseeable future.   

The full spreadsheet of the historical weekly price moves of diesel full can be found at https://www.eia.gov/petroleum/gasdiesel/

Graphs listed below include:

  • 53' Domestic Intermodal Price Index & Diesel Fuel Prices
  • Price Changes in 53' Domestic Intermodal Pricing & Diesel - 1/1/2013 Baseline
  • Rolling 52 Year-over-Year Comparison - 53' Domestic Intermodal and Diesel Fuel Prices
  • Rolling 52 Year-over-Year % Change - 53' Domestic Intermodal and Diesel Fuel Prices
  • Rolling Quarter-over-Quarter Comparison - 53' Domestic Intermodal and Diesel Fuel Prices

 Intermodal & Diesel Prices-20.png

 Intermodal vs Diesel Against Baseline-18.png

 Intermodal & Diesel Yr-over-Yr Comparison-20.png

Intermodal & Diesel Price Yr-over-Yr  Change-10.png

Intermodal & Diesel Qtr-over-Qtr Comparison-18.png

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