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Rick LaGore

By: Rick LaGore on January 30th, 2017

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LTL Cost Saving Case Study

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LTL Case Study

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Overview & Challenges:

  • LTL challengesCompany Name: Open Road Snack
  • Innovative snack food company shipping from one primary location to all 48 states.
  • Business operates in highly competitive market with limited shelf space and razor thin margins.
  • Appointed deliveries required for greater than 95% of customers.
  • Operated on Class 250.
    • Constantly receiving re-classification fees.
  • $300k annual transportation spend. 
  • Shipper averages 80 shipments a month or 4 per day. 
  • Shipments range from 1-4 pallets.
  • Average 300 lbs. per pallet shipping.
  • Lacked visibility of transportation spend and tools to optimize spend.


Analysis & Solution:

  • LTL savingsThrough optimization engine identified national LTL networks that when supplemented by regionals delivered best value and service.
    • Negotiated customer specific rates for the shipper.
  • Created a customized web-based TMS platform.
    • Provides access to Rate Shop customer specific rates on our blanket rates.
    • Shipment creation.
    • BOL generation.
    • Tracking.
    • Access to transportation documents.
    • Customized reports.



  • successful LTL savingsUtilize a combination of national and regional LTL carriers.
  • Provided access to the TMS for all employees needing visibility to freight operations.
  • Customized reporting to provide a high level view of their freight spend and trends.
  • Reduced overall freight spend by 8% through carrier negotiations.
  • Reduced freight costs, as a percentage of total sales, from 12% monthly to an average of 7%-8%.

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