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Rick LaGore

By: Rick LaGore on March 31st, 2016

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"Peace" of Mind: Inland Transportation & Container Management

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This is a follow-up to the “Dream Scenario” blog that goes into more detail as to what InTek Freight & Logistics does for shippers within its Inland Container Services Program .    inland_transportation.jpg

  • Ocean Vessel Monitoring

InTek works closely with shippers, its steamship lines, its ocean transportation providers, InTek's inland transportation partners and the various Port Authorities, to manage and monitor each and every container to improve the chances for a smooth and trouble free transaction from Port to Door and back to the Port within "Free Time".  

  • Container Management

InTek provides service that simplifies the management of a shipper's imports through a single point of contact.   This reduces the cycle time for each container, which ultimately reduces the cost of a shipper's transportation.  Nothing is free, including the so-called” Free Time” that a shippers receives from the steamship lines.  The Cost for “Free Time” is built into the ocean rates, not to mention the daily cost for each chassis. So, if InTek helps reduce the cycle time of a shipper's containers and chassis, then InTek succeeded in improving operational efficiencies, which gleans economic benefits.   Thus, when it comes time to re-negotiate ocean rates, based on historical data and the analysis provided through the program, the shipper will be much better positioned to negotiate reduced rates because of superior management processes.  

  • Inland Transportation Management

By utilization an Inland Transportation and Container Management Program, the provider gives the shipper relief from the daily burden of managing pickup and delivery schedules while providing lower overall logistical expenses.   The provider coordinates the terminal appointments with its carriers, so all appointments and container pick- ups are within the terminal LFD (last free day).  For shipments coming into the Port of LA/LB, it is important to do as much work in the evening to avoid the need for Pier Pass and its associated expense.  

  • Container Yard Management

Depending on the specific service required, InTek has the requisite expertise to manage container yard operations for a shipper's containers, either loaded or empty.  This provides a secure environment, while facilitating management of equipment at all location the containers are destined to travel through to its ultimate destination. 

Relentless attention to each container is maintained in order to  better ensure that demurrage, per diem or additional chassis costs are not incurred.  Shippers will always be notified in a timely manner, if there are any equipment issues that need to be acted upon in order to avoid additional equipment charges.

  • Demurrage & Per Diem Management

InTek monitors the free time of containers at the port and yard locations.  InTek's responsibility is to communicate timely notifications, as containers approach the expiration of its free time, either at the port (demurrage) or at the designated yard destinations (per diem).  Doing so, will help avoid additional charges for demurrage, per diem, chassis charges and/or detention.  In doing so, it also helps reduce/contain costs to a shipper's transportation program, improve inventory management and overall efficiencies in the process.

  • Event Measurement & Management

InTek provides customized daily status reports on each container in order to help you better manage your import business.  

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