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How to Negotiate & Manage a Competitive Freight Rate RFP

By: Rick LaGore
September 24th, 2019

CFO's are demanding better performance after watching their freight budgets balloon to all-time highs. A freight RFP is one of the least favorite, although one that needs to be discussed and improved by many shippers to obtain the best results.   The days of throwing out percentage reductions or using a solve to equation to determine the spend for next year is a time tested process that needs to be challenged.  While freight is thought of as a commodity, there is more to it and the Excel spreadsheet RFP driven down from the top misses the target before the arrow is even pull from the quiver.  Today's dynamic freight and logistics cost and pricing environment requires strategic planning; execution to the strategy; measurements to the goals; analysis against industry benchmarks; and continuous improvement.   

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