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AI in Supply Chain & Logistics - Podcast Episode 29

February 6, 2024 Kevin Baxter

Podcast Episode 29

The use of AI in supply chain and logistics is expected to grow exponentially by 2025, according to Bart De Muynck, supply chain analyst and our guest on this episode of InTek Freight & Logistics: The Podcast. Bart joins us to discuss his recent article for Forbes, titled "The True Role of AI in Logistics." On the podcast, he goes over warehouse automation & robotics - an area that's already well underway in usage, as well as the currently less automated area outside the warehouse known as the yard, where many opportunities exist.

We also discuss how the explosion in transportation data over the past decade makes the use of artificial intelligence to analyze it for predictive analytics and other purposes a must, plus how the most cutting edge TMS (transportation management systems) and WMS (warehouse management systems) already incorporate AI whether users know it or not.

Speaking of not knowing, Bart shares how many who may be hesitant to implement AI for business already use it daily via their iPhone or other smartphone. And he says concerns about artificial intelligence replacing people on the job are unfounded, as AI is likely to only improve the work environment by augmenting their roles.

Learn more about Bart and find out how to work with him at www.bartdemuynck.com. And keep up to date on news and opinions he shares at www.bettersupplychains.com. You can also find more from us on this topic via our blog article "The Growing Role of AI in Logistics."


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