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Definition of Freight Accessorial Charges in 100 Words

June 17, 2019 Anna Young

Accessorial Fees

Definition of Freight Accessorial Charges: 

Accessorial freight charges are fees added to a shipper’s freight invoice for services the motor freight carrier performed beyond the standard pick-up and delivery operation designated at the time a shipment is tendered.  The additional charges cover a wide variety of services outside of the line haul charge and fuel surcharge that are in connection with the transportation of goods.

Accessorial charges come in many forms and impact all modes of freight transportation services.  The charges can be a fixed fee or time based. Time based fees typically escalate until the situation is resolved and closed.Accessorial Charges

The reason for the charges is because a motor carriers is picking up additional costs on either the pick-up or delivery that was not included in its negotiated freight rate.

These fees can be quite contentious because they are fees that have a direct impact to the shipper’s bottom line, while they also slow up the driver’s ability to perform the intended work of their scheduled day.

The key to avoiding accessorial charges is solid communication between the freight provider and the shipper.

The 10 Most Common Accessorial Fees:

  • Detention
  • Reclassification & Reweigh
  • Residential
  • Additional Stop
  • Inside Delivery
  • TONU
  • Oversized / Overlength
  • Sort//Seg
  • Out-of-Route Miles
  • Lumper or Drive Load/Unload

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has a glossary of these charges broken down with descriptions and how you can “protect your move.”

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