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InTek Named to IBJ Fast 25 for Second Straight Year

June 27, 2022 Kevin Baxter

InTek Fast 25 2022

InTek Freight and Logistics, Inc. is proud to be listed fourth on the latest FAST 25 list from the Indianapolis Business Journal (IBJ), with 340% growth with $59.9 million in revenue.

The annual FAST 25 Listing recognizes the fastest growing privately held companies in the Indianapolis area.
This is InTek's second consecutive year on the list, as it came in third in 2021 - with 242% growth.

InTek Freight & Logistics Inc is a North American-focused logistics company founded and led by experienced industry professionals that delivers the highest level of logistics service.1656175777099
These results are a testament to a team hitting on all cylinders operating at the highest level of service with reliable customer-centric freight & logistics solutions, in what’s been a very disruptive supply chain environment.

“It’s truly a privilege to be a part of this team and witness what I can only describe as a ‘We Care and Can Do Culture,’“ said Rick LaGore, InTek CEO. “Our team members demonstrate their caring for the customers they serve and the colleagues they help and hold up through any challenge.”

“We’re excited to see the InTek team make the IBJ FAST 25 once again,” said Shelli Austin, InTek President. “We cannot thank everyone enough for all the support that helped us attain this goal.”

More thanks to go around include:

  • Thank you to our customers for entrusting your business with InTek. We are so appreciative of the opportunity to serve you.

  • Thank you to our business partners for helping to be the keystone to so many creative and customized logistics solutions that help us perform to the highest levels.

  • And last, but not least a BIG THANK YOU to the entire InTek Team for their dedication and their commitment to deliver consistently reliable solutions shippers can depend on for their supply chains.

"Often teams get in routines and ride on what worked in the past, but that’s not the environment we operate in,” said LaGore. “It’s an incredible honor to work with a tremendous group of ‘can-do’ people who show their customers every day that they care about them and their success.”

The whole team is hoping to make it a three-peat on the IBJ FAST 25 with 2022 revenue tracking to $75.0 million.

To qualify for the IBJ FAST 25 list, 

  • Companies must have had revenue increases each year from FY 2019 through FY 2021.
  • Fiscal year 2019 revenue must have been more than $1 million and represent a 12-month year.
  • Companies must have been founded prior to FY 2019.
  • Companies must have been independent, privately held, for-profit corporations, proprietorships or partnerships through December 31, 2021 (not a subsidiary or division of a parent company).
  • Companies must be based in the Indianapolis area (Marion County, contiguous counties or Madison County).

Download the full article here.

About InTek

InTek Freight & Logistics, Inc., is a North American-focused logistics company that delivers the highest level of service for our customers. Our experienced staff offers innovative solutions -  incorporating technology and know how - to tackle logistics problems and avoid supply chain bottlenecks, letting customers focus on making their businesses great.

For more about InTek Freight & Logistics, please visit our Learning Center.

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