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Ocean Container Intermodal - Podcast Episode 36

May 24, 2024 Kevin Baxter

Podcast Episode 36

There's more than one way to move freight via intermodal. On this episode of InTek Freight & Logistics: The Podcast, we dive into the lesser known solution of ocean container intermodal - also known as ocean container repositioning - with returning guest Jeff Brashares, Director of Intermodal at CMA CGM.

Jeff tells us all about the process, which involves filling what would otherwise be empty ocean containers as they head back toward the port with freight. The practice offers savings to shippers, in some cases better and easier packing than traditional 53-foot containers and benefits to the environment.

He discusses the types of freight that work for these boxes, the best lanes and its growing popularity in spite of a market with surplus intermodal container capacity. We also get into agriculture - cottonseed is big currently - and steel, and how both those freight types can win with these containers. And we talk international freight, both the cross border variety with Mexico and a renewed strength in imports as China continues to outpace others in manufacturing.

Plus, we check in on roller coasters - a well-known hobby of Jeff's - as we head into Memorial Day weekend. He shares his plans for the coming month, including visits to Kings Island (for a new Snoopy coaster), and Cedar Point.

Watch this episode to see Jeff's interview with hosts Kevin Baxter and Shelli Austin on YouTube, where you can also check out our playlist for our 35 previous podcasts.

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