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Shipping Olive the Olives - Podcast Episode 34

May 2, 2024 Kevin Baxter

Podcast Episode 34

Olives come in many forms, whether discussing their color or what's inside. Freight movement is similar, with varieties of transport modes and products on the move. Combine olives and freight, and you've got the latest episode of InTek Freight & Logistics: The Podcast. We welcome Michael Lin, Senior Director of Supply Chain for Musco Family Olive Company - the California-based U.S. market leader in table olives - to discuss the business and how olives get from farm to table.

Michael discusses the supply chain journey of olives, the familiar brands Musco makes, its commitment to sustainability and the value of intermodal for regular shipments in terms of emissions, reliability and cost. He also shares why loyalty matters in logistics, the importance of having a backup plan and why he swears by partnering with a third party logistics provider (3PL).

And we talk technology, including improvements in track and trace on the railroad side and his commitment to automating processes at Musco, allowing staff to skip the more mundane tasks and use their talents for more. Finally, we head over to Musco's website: www.olives.com, to talk favorite recipes beyond the dirty martini.  

Watch this episode to see Michael talk to hosts Shelli Austin and Kevin Baxter on YouTube where you can also check out our playlist for our 33 previous podcasts.


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