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Ransomware and Cyber Attacks - Podcast Episode 20

October 16, 2023 Kevin Baxter

Podcast Episode 20

Businesses (logistics and otherwise) have plenty to worry about when it comes to ransomware and other cyber attacks. While living in fear may not be the answer, living in awareness just makes sense. SonicWall Senior Solutions Engineer Jeremiah Vanderneut joins us on this episode of InTek Freight & Logistics: The Podcast to help spread that cyber awareness.

Jeremiah tells us about ransomware and how successful cyberattacks can cripple an organization. He shares examples of  attacks affecting logistics companies as well as other businesses, discussing IoT (Internet of things) and remote work threats that come with the spread out nature of the freight industry, as well as the threat of an untrained workforce to a company's security. He also shares how the damage to a company often goes beyond immediate financial harm and, perhaps most importantly, he goes over some key areas to address to make companies more cyber safe.

Learn more about SonicWall and its Boundless Cybersecurity - and find its latest 2023 Cyber Threat Report Mid-Year Update - at https://www.sonicwall.com/.


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