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A TMS Success - Podcast Episode 30

February 22, 2024 Kevin Baxter

Podcast Episode 30

A TMS (transportation management system) can offer a tremendous competitive advantage to those in freight and logistics. And on this episode of InTek Freight & Logistics: The Podcast, we welcome Rexing Companies Director of Operations Rachel Johnson to discuss how its fast-growing PFL Logistics found the right one.

Rachel talks about what they were looking for when they made the switch to MercuryGate four years ago, the transition from a server-based to cloud-based software system and the many ways in which the TMS streamlines administrative tasks - allowing employees to spend more time focusing on the mission of the business. She also explains why having a partner like InTek to help with implementation and support is a big help, and how the company is continuing to seamlessly add integrations as new needs arise.

Plus, hear how PFL has continued to expand and thrive in spite of the freight market downturn, and listen closely to catch a reference to the hit ABC show "Lost."

For more information about PFL Logistics, visit pfllogisticsusa.com. For more on Rexing Companies, visit rexingcompanies.com. And to learn more about InTek's MercuryGate partnership, visit www.intekfreight-logistics.com/tms.

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