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Top 15 Benefits of a Cloud-Based TMS System

July 29, 2019 Anna Young

Cloud TMS Freight System

Transportation Management Systems (TMS) are known to have several functional components to leverage a competitive advantage for logistics professionals. 

Cloud TMS Freight SystemA driving technological element within the TMS market is the move to cloud-based platforms.  The are a number of reasons why going to the cloud is beneficial, but before jumping into the list of benefits let's explain cloud computing first. 

Cloud computing relies on sharing data storage and computing power across a large user base to drive economies of scale for the users of the cloud platform.  The pricing of a cloud system is reflected in these two components by charging its users based on transactions executed.

Cloud computing helps the companies buying the technology to avoid IT infrastructure and management costs, as those resources are off-site and "in the cloud". 

The National Institute of Standards and Technology identifies “five essential characteristics” of cloud computing:

  1.  On-Demand Self Service
  2.  Broad Network Access
  3.  Resource Pooling
  4.  Rapid Elasticity
  5.  Measured Service. 

All of these characteristics explain the reasoning behind why firms can now run faster, with improved manageability and less maintenance. 

Cloud TMS Platform

“The Cloud”, as it relates to TMS software, is a relatively a new concept.  Along with the characteristics above, keeping the TMS software “in the cloud” provides even more benefits than just make things easier for users of the technology.

In short, cloud-based TMS solutions are becoming increasingly essential to freight and logistics success and by understanding its importance allow its users to fully take advantage of its capabilities. 

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