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InTek's Domestic ISO Intermodal Container Reposition Program

January 10, 2021 Rick LaGore


InTek Freight & Logistics offers a 40’ and 45’ ISO intermodal container capacity for inland domestic shipments to provide shippers an additional freight option for freight capacity and value, while helping the ocean freight companies reposition their containers with revenue producing freight.

Win - Win Proposition: The benefit to shippers in an ISO small box repositioning (repo) intermodal program is they gain additional domestic freight capacity at a much reduced rate, while ocean shipping companies reposition their containers with a revenue shipments versus full cost.

ISO small box reposition intermodal program

Market Conditions Increasing ISO Repositioning Potential for Shippers

With the record surge of imports during 2020, the number of ISO containers going back to the ports for empty evacuation have significantly increased.

Domestic Intermodal ISO Container Operations

Rates and Operation:

Through its premium partnership with key ocean freight companies, InTek Freight & Logistics has its own line haul rates secured from the BNSF and Union Pacific.

intermodal iso repo freight program

US West Coast primary destinations served by InTek Freight & Logistics include Los Angeles (ICTF on the Union Pacific; Hobart on the BNSF); Oakland and Seattle, although we are open to consider opportunities to additional destinations which we evaluate on a case by case basis.

While the InTek 53’ domestic intermodal program operates on the union Pacific, Norfolk Southern, CSX and CN, the majority of the ISO repositioning (repo) service operates on the BNSF.

InTek manages the full door-to-door solution for its customers, meaning shippers can manage the entire shipment, much like a truckload shipment, with one phone call and will receive one invoice from InTek after the shipment has been completed and the required paperwork is collected.

Track and Trace

InTek Freight and Logistics manages the full track and trace of the shipment and can offer either push shipment status reports or offer a portal for shippers to access for customers using the ISO repo service, as it does with all domestic intermodal and truckload shipments.

iso repo intermodal programBox Supply

Unlike standard 53’ intermodal and truckload, weekly equipment is not as consistent because containers are available as they are imported into the interior of the US.  To help our customers best manage the freight capacity they desire each week within the program InTek publishes a repo list every Friday.  

Conclusion on ISO Container Repositioning Service Solution

Because every shipper is different, InTek Freight & Logistics customizes the small box ISO intermodal service solution for each of its customers to build the best small box service you can rely on for your business.

For more on how we can help, please contact us via our easy to navigate website form.

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Getting Started Using Intermodal with InTek Freight & Logistics  is a recently published article that helps those new to InTek the onboarding process and what they can obtain through our service and technology.

For more about how our team can help, visit our learning center. And check out this video with one of our customers discussing how our solutions delivered results.


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