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Intek Awarded Logistics Excellence at PaperWorks Carrier Event

May 29, 2019 Anna Young


logistics managementPaperWorks invited its freight carriers to its Wabash, Indiana paper mill for its annual Freight Carrier Event for all those operating within its managed freight services program.

The purpose of the annual Carrier Event is for all current PaperWorks freight carriers to hear from the management team on the state of their business, the economy, freight conditions and what is new in the coming year for the company.

One of the biggest changes coming out of the PaperWorks logistics and supply chain team was the announcement that InTek Freight and Logistics would now be managing the packaging plants under its managed TM solution.  The increased scope puts InTek in as a control tower managing both inbound and outbound freight movements for all its US locations giving the PaperWorks logistics team full visibility and control of its supply chain to build a competitive advantage. 

The synergies between the motor freight carriers in the program and PaperWorks have already started with all involved parties seeing improved cost structure, increased communication, better service and additional reporting to analyze for further logistics improvements in the future.

Under the managed transportation program, PaperWorks retains all carrier contracts direct for transparency in cost and freight carrier relationships, while InTek manages the entire logistics process outlined below to allow PaperWorks to focus on growing its business profitably.

Managed Freight Functions

The benefits of the managed transportation solution not only improved cost and service within the PaperWorks logistics operations, but it also helped the asset carrier base within the program better manage its resources and costs through the win-win vision of PaperWorks.

Freight Carrier Awards

Logistics AwardAs part of the meeting, the PaperWorks logistics team presented the following carrier awards and made a few comments on each recipient.  

Best Status Update: Titanium Transportation Group

  • Never have to ask them to update the system; find a truck; make a delivery appoint. If a driver is ever late, they communicate in advance. Amazing freight carrier. Never says no to pick up a freight load.

Most Improved Carrier: CFI  

  • Never gave up on providing the best logistics service. The entire Team stepped up to provide great freight service to PaperWorks.

Best Operational Communication:  Crete Carrier

  • Great CSR communication. Always lets us know when they have extra trucks. Wish everyone did this as a part of their everyday business.

Best On-Time Delivery:  GP Transco

  • Hauling a lot of loads and had only one late shipment and communicated all the way through to delivery.  Love the over-communication.

Logistics Excellence Award: Intek Freight & Logistics

  • InTek takes our business personally.  Their service and pride are second to none, while their operational support and market intelligence has helped drive our growth.

About PaperWorks:

PaperWorks is a leading, integrated North American full-service provider of recycled paperboard and specialized folding cartons for packaging applications. The company specializes in providing folding carton solutions for a wide variety of market sectors including food, beverage, personal care, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and medical devices and is also known for its state-of-the art, extended color gamut printing capability which creates shelf-differentiating graphics.

PaperWorks has invested in state-of-the-art technology over the past three years to upgrade its paperboard mills and folding carton converting plants and be at the forefront of innovation and market differentiation. The company is committed to the highest sustainable forestry and procurement standards. Product certifications include the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and 100% Recycled Paperboard Alliance (RPA100). For more information, please visit: www.paperworksindustries.com.

About Intek Freight & Logistics:

InTek Freight & Logistics is where companies come when faced with a freight and logistics problem.

Services Include:

  • MercuryGate TMS Platform Integrator

InTek's scalable, TMS cloud platform is easily configured to provide 100% transparency on cost and performance for supply chain excellence.

If you're ready to take the next step, at InTek Freight & Logistics, we can help. Just tell us what you need and we'll discuss how our expertise can help with the unique shipping challenges your business faces. Rather do a bit more research first? View our Freight Guides for comprehensive articles and eBooks on all things freight and logistics.

Freight Management Service Solutions

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