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Intermodal Rises in Mexico - Podcast Episode 23

November 9, 2023 Kevin Baxter

Podcast Episode 23

Intermodal may be newer in Mexico than it is in the U.S., but the chances for this freight mode to rise appear endless. On this episode of InTek Freight & Logistics: The Podcast, Transportès EASO Chief Commercial and Operating Officer - and President of the Mexican Intermodal Association (AMTI) - Diego Anchustegui joins us to discuss intermodal and the state of freight in Mexico. Diego shares why he sees intermodal as a growth opportunity, with reliable (and growing) capacity, ease of customs clearance, and, perhaps most importantly, security. 

He tells us why trucking in Mexico is struggling with driver shortages - mainly related to the dangerous nature of the job - and how the country is grappling with infrastructure issues ahead of an expected ramp up of nearshoring-related volume. Diego also discusses his company's part in the New Border solution, shared last episode by Spearpoint Logistics CEO Richard Miller.

And he shares insights into AMTI's mission with its varied membership focusing on improving and expanding intermodal (and rail) opportunities in Mexico and across the border. Plus, learn about Diego's connection to the University of Denver Transportation and Supply Chain Institute and the origins of his company's pivot from trucking to intermodal.

Learn about Transportès EASO at easo.com, and AMTI at www.amti.org.mx. 

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