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Top 10 Benefits of Nearshoring

June 30, 2019 Anna Young

nearshoring - offshoring

Definition of Nearshoring

Nearshoring is where a business moves its operations to a nearby country from one of greater distance.

Nearshoring is a term that came out of the practice of offshoring, which is when companies move their product manufactured to a lower landed cost region than that of their native country.

The practice of nearshoring has become a hot topic in today's politically charged world trade environment where countries are increasing tariffs on other countries, thus increasing the total landed cost, to encourage manufacturing out of that country back into the home country or another country for its national benefit.

An important note to consider when adapting nearshoring is to ensure that providers have the high-quality technological requirements to make communication the most efficient. 

Supply chains are quickly adapting nearshoring in some industries to meet customers' needs and keeping sustainable practices. 

McKinsey & Company reports manufacturers (specifically in the apparel industry) are investing in nearshoring and automation to increase profitability and compete with online start-ups. 

Outsourcing has been a staple for supply chains, but nearshoring is changing the game in terms of capitalizing in producing out of house. 

For more on how to improve your supply chain: 

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