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InTek Freight & Logistics Announced as a SmartWay Transport Partner

December 13, 2020 Rick LaGore

EPA SmartWay AgencyThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) welcomes InTek Freight & Logistics into its SmartWay Agency program of roughly four thousand (4,000) motor carriers and freight logistics providers.

InTek takes its and other logistics and supply chain partners' ability to positively impact the environment seriously.  As such, InTek is a big believer in the EPA SmartWay program to help monitor and promote sustainable supply chains and is excited to be a partner in the EPA program.

The purpose of the EPA’s SmartWay program is to help companies advance supply chain sustainability by measuring, benchmarking, and improving freight transportation efficiency.  The program is a volunteer program for freight, logistics and companies that ship goods to monitor, measure and improve their carbon footprint and environmental impact of their business through various tools provided by the EPA.

For more on SmartWay, we direct you to the following resources:

InTek's SmartWay ID is 35679342.

About InTek Freight & Logistics

InTek Freight & Logistics is where companies come when faced with a freight and logistics problem with the purpose of taking away your logistics worries, so you can focus on making your business great.

Services Include:

road and rail- Domestic Freight Services: Intermodal, Truckload, LTL

- Managed Transportation Service Solutions

- Transportation Management System (TMS)

InTek's scalable, TMS cloud platform is easily configured to provide 100% transparency on cost and performance for supply chain excellence.

Visit us at www.intekfreight-logistics.com to learn more how InTek Freight and Logistics can help.

Connect with InTek Freight & Logistics and become one of its 20,000 monthly Learning Center readers.  An example of content found on our Learning Center related to this article is SmartWay Certification Defined.

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