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SmartWay Certification Explained

July 15, 2019 Anna Young

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SmartWay Certification Defined

Sustainable Supply ChainSmartWay is a voluntary logistics partnership program, brand and collaboration that helps companies benchmark and adjust to industry best practices to obtain the goal of enhancing the sustainability of their supply chains.

SmartWay achieves this goal by measuring, benchmarking, and improving freight transportation efficiency

This program has advanced the development of sustainable supply chains.

Since its establishment in 2004 by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), SmartWay has been pivotal in creating systems to better collect data on fossil fuel emissions and fuel use to correctly identify the shortcomings of shippers, carriers and logistics service providers in their mission for freight sustainability.

SmartWay estimates the program has saved more than $33.4 billion in fuel cost since its inception in 2004.

Sustainability PartnershipThree Components of SmartWay

  • The SmartWay Transport Partnership

This partnership provides a way for shippers, carriers and logistics service providers to measure and improve their logistics operations with the main goal of reducing their carbon footprint. The partnership includes access tools, data and standards to achieve this mission. 

  • The SmartWay Brand

SmartWay has patented technology for verification and branding that carriers can use to accelerate the adoption of fuel-saving technologies and operational practices.  Not only does the technology help with achieving a more sustainable supply chain, but also improves the freight industry images from the public perspective. 

  • SmartWay Global Collaboration

Supply Chain SustainabilityThe Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) partners with organizations to correspond the green initiative in the freight and logistics industry.  Additionally, SmartWay uses its influence to facilitate policy-making decisions to improve regulations and programs domestically and internationally that help the environment.  The SmartWay collaborations drive change through involvement in governments, industry associations and different environmental NGOs (non-governmental organizations).

Big and small players alike are taking the initiative to be SmartWay Certified.  In many cases, shippers are making it mandatory for the motor carriers and logistics service companies to be SmartWay Certified to be eligible to bid on their RFP .

In summary, to be a major player in the industry, there is no time like the present to make a serious investment in sustainable supply chain practices. 

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