IMC - Intermodal Marketing Company Defined in 100 Words Blog Feature
Anna Young

By: Anna Young on June 5th, 2019

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IMC - Intermodal Marketing Company Defined in 100 Words

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Welcome back to our blog series, "Logistics Lingo in 100 words." 

The topic of this article is the popular acronym associated with intermodal transportation: IMC - Intermodal Marketing Company

Definition of IMC: Intermodal Marketing Company

The purpose of an intermodal marketing company is to organize purchases directly with railroads and trucking firms, utilize equipment from multiple sources and provide other value-added services under a single freight bill to the ultimate shipper, also known as the beneficial cargo owner (BCO). IMC - Intermodal Marketing Companies

By establishing relationships with Class I railroads and transportation companies, IMCs help shippers bypass steps within the intermodal process in regard to finding/organizing intermodal equipment.

In summary, intermodal marketing companies provide ease for shippers to gain access to the full North American intermodal service network with one call and a single invoice. 

There are three types of intermodal IMC's:

  • Bi-Modal
  • Asset-Lite
  • Non-Asset
For additional information about IMCs and what to take into consideration when choosing: 

The national trade organization IMC's are members of: Intermodal Association of North America (IANA) 

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