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InTroducing InTek InTelligence

September 20, 2023 Kevin Baxter

InTek InTelligence

InTek Freight & Logistics, Inc. has released a new data warehouse reporting and market data tool called InTek InTelligence. InTek InTelligence works as an add-on for MercuryGate TMS (transportation management system) users, enhancing subscriptions offered through InTek by acting as a repository of historical information over the long-term. Combined with current data (and incorporating external market rate information), companies can then perform deep analysis of their shipping trends and costs over any length of time, whether it be months or years - or comparing one freight cycle to the next - for fully informed decision-making. 

InTek InTelligence directly integrates into the award-winning MercuryGate TMS, updating nearly real-time. Users can customize dashboards to include information of their choosing (refreshing at designated intervals), and post them - with their own company logo - in the office, use them for presentations or even view them on a mobile device. Dashboards can cover various departments and roles to provide information across the organization, eliminating data silos.

“InTek InTelligence is a tool that enhances our already robust MercuryGate TMS offering," said Rick LaGore, InTek CEO. "Customers who use it have one-stop access to all their historical data along with market pricing, allowing for greater visibility into their operations and how they compare to others and leading to more informed decision-making - a valuable competitive advantage."

InTek is a Certified MercuryGate Reseller, Integrator and Support Provider - with a dedicated MercuryGate login portal for users. Its experts are trained in the software and support customers through the evaluation, purchase, integration, start-up and day-to-day execution process. InTek Intelligence was developed in response to customer feedback on longer-term data retention needs, and other customized add-ons are in the works to further enhance the company's MercuryGate platform for subscribers. For more information about InTek and MercuryGate, visit www.intekfreight-logistics.com/tms

About InTek

InTek Freight & Logistics utilizes industry expertise, leading-edge technology, and partnerships to provide long-term freight solutions to businesses of all sizes. In addition to its EPA SmartWay certification, InTek is listed on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S. for the second straight year and was named among the Best Places to Work in Indiana. InTek has also been recognized by Food Logistics as a top 3PL and a top software and technology provider. For more information about InTek, visit www.intekfreight-logistics.com or call (317) 208-5565.

To learn more about the freight and logistics industry, and InTek in general, please browse our Freight Guides.

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