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2023 Top LTL & Truckload Freight Companies

November 28, 2022 Rick LaGore

top freight truckload company

We talk with shippers daily about LTL, truckload and truckload brokerage potential service solutions. And this should be expected with over 50% of the freight spend in the US is with these two modes of service.

US Freight For Hire Size & Market Share


The number one question we are asked is: who are the top freight carriers in the industry.

While this is somewhat of a subjective question because every carrier has its niche, it is objective if one counts revenue as the standard by which shippers vote for who they believe are the tops in the freight and logistics industry.

Top 20 Truckload Freight Companies

  • Knight-Swift
  • Schneider
  • Landstar
  • JB Hunt
  • Prime
  • Werner Enterprises
  • CRST
  • US Express
  • Crete
  • CR England
  • Roadrunner Transportation
  • Covenant Transport
  • Western Express
  • Heartland Express
  • Ruan
  • Cardinal
  • Marten
  • Universal
  • P. A. M. Transport

The LTL and truckload freight modes address specific needs for shippers, which we’ll address in the next two sections of this article.

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Less-than-Truckload (LTL)

top ltl freight companiesLTL is used for shipments over 150 pounds, but less than 15,000 pounds.  The benefit of LTL for shippers is it combines freight from multiple companies onto one truck to create an efficient freight move for shippers that do not have the volume to operate full truckload shipments for all their freight lanes or to utilize a freight consolidation and pooling program from their own docks.

Cost saving opportunities with LTL shippers can be found through LTL volume pricing quote, LTL classification under an FAK program or consolidation program.

Shippers have both dry and temp-controlled services options available to them.  

Temperature controlled LTL shippers need to be aware that the service runs on sailing schedules, and co-mingling of other products on the trailer does cause some challenges for shippers. 

LTL brings a number of benefits with residential, inside delivery / pick-up, expedited, liftgate and limited access capabilities.  Outside of expedited truckload service, truckload freight options are very limited on the other previously listed benefits.  

On the downside of LTL freight is the complicated NMFC LTL classifications and the implications the classifications has on cost and cargo liability coverage.  An additional challenge is the potential for various additional LTL accessorial charges.

Full Truckload Shipping (FTL)

top freight truckload companyFull truckload shipping is used for shipments ranging from 7,500 pounds up to 44,500 pounds.  

There is a crossover in weight on LTL and truckload shipments between 7,500 and 15,000 pounds because the cubic capacity in the trailer may be much larger than its actual weight, which drives FTL to be more economical for some freight.  

An example to illustrate the point is a company that ships styrofoam.  The entire trailer could be filled with product, but it weighs no more than 10,000 pounds.  An LTL freight provider would have a heavy premium on its pricing for this load because it is not within its target market.

Like LTL, full truckload standard and expedited options are available for either dry and temp-controlled service for shippers.

Truckload also offers liquid tankers and various flatbed mode options.

FTL is the most plentiful freight mode service offered with roughly 700,000 for hire motor carriers.  While this does provide a great number of options for carriers, it can also feel like hunting for a “needle in a haystack” when looking for the “right” motor carrier for the job.  

To overcome this challenge, shippers often turn to a freight broker to help them find the freight capacity they requireFreight brokers bring additional benefits, but immediate freight capacity is often the number one reason to bring them into a company’s freight and logistics strategy.

With all the key details addressed above, let’s walk through the top LTL and truckload companies.

Freight Costs Insiders look freight pricing

Top LTL Freight Companies

FedEx Freight

Location: Memphis, TennesseeFedEx-Logo

Website: https://www.fedex.com/en-us/shipping/freight-services.html  

Founded: 1973


YRC Worldwide/Yellow

Location: Overland Park, KSyrc freight

Website: https://www.yrcfreight.com

Founded: 1924



Location: Greenwich, CTundefined

Website: https://www.xpo.com/

Founded: 2011


Old Dominion

Location: Thomasville, North Carolinablob-3

Website: https://www.odfl.com/Home/

Founded: 1934


TForce Freight

Location: Richmond, VirginiaTForce_Freight_Logo

Website: https://www.tforcefreight.com/

Founded: 1935


Estes Express Line

Location: Richmond, Virginiablob-4

Website: https://www.estes-express.com/

Founded: 1931



ABF Freight/ArcBest

Location: Fort Smith, Arkansas

Website: https://arcb.com/abf-freight

Founded: 1923


R&L Carriers

Location: Wilmington, OHR&L Carriers

Website: https://www.rlcarriers.com/

Founded: 1965


Saia Inc.

Location: Johns Creek, Georgiablob-5

Website: https://www.saia.com/

Founded: 1924


Southeastern Freight Lines

Location: Lexington, SC1200px-Southeastern_Freight_Lines_logo.svg

Website: https://www.sefl.com

Founded: 1950


Freight Costs Insiders look freight pricing


Top Truckload Freight Companies



Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Established: 1990

Website: https://www.knighttrans.com

Services: Truckload / Dedicated / Brokerage / Intermodal / Drayage


Schneiderschneider logo

Location: Green Bay, Wisconsin

Established: 1935

Website: https://schneider.com/

Services: Truckload / Dedicated / Expedited / Intermodal / Specialized


Landstarlandstar logo

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

Established: 1988

Website: https://www.landstar.com/

Services: Truckload, LTL, Dedicated, Expedited, Heavy Haul


JB Huntjb hunt logo

Location: Lowell, Arkansas

Established: 1961

Website: https://www.jbhunt.com/

Services: Intermodal / Drayage / Truckload / Dedicated / Brokerage


Primeprime inc logo

Established: 1970

Location: Springfield, Missouri

Website: https://www.primeinc.com/

Services: Refrigerated Truckload, Flatbed, Tanker


Werner Enterprises2560px-Werner_Enterprises_logo

Location: Omaha, Nebraska

Established: 1956

Website: https://www.werner.com

Services: Truckload, Dedicated, Expedited, Temp Controlled, Flatbed



Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Established: 1955

Website: https://crst.com/transportation-solutions/

Services: Truckload, Expedited, Dedicated, Flatbed


US XpressUS xpress logo

Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee

Established: 1986

Website: https://www.usxpress.com

Services: Truckload, Dedicated



Location: Lincoln, Nebraska

Established: 1966

Website: https://www.cretecarrier.com

Services: Truckload, Temp Controlled, Specialized


CR EnglandCR England

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Established: 1920

Website: https://www.crengland.com

Services: Truckload, Temp Controlled, Intermodal, Dedicated


Roadrunner Transportationlogo-rrf-blue

Location: Downers Grove, Illinois

Established: 1984

Website: https://www.rrts.com

Services: Truckload, LTL, Temp Controlled


Covenant Transportcovenant transport logo

Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee

Established: 1986

Website: https://www.covenanttransport.com/

Services: Truckload, Expedited


Western Expresswestern express logo

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Established: 1990

Website: https://www.westernexp.com

Services: Truckload, Dedicated, Flatbed


Heartland Express


Location: North Liberty, Iowa

Established: 1978

Website: https://www.heartlandexpress.com

Services: Truckload, Dedicated


RuanRUAN logo

Location: Des Moines, Iowa

Established: 1932

Website: https://www.ruan.com

Services: Truckload, Dedicated


CardinalCardinal Logistics (1)

Location: Concord, North Carolina

Established: 1981

Website: https://www.cardlog.com

Services: Dedicated


MartenMarten Transport logo

Location: Mondovi, Wisconsin

Established: 1946

Website: https://www.marten.com/

Services: Temp Controlled Truckload


Universaluniversal truckload logo

Location: Warren, Michigan

Established: 1932

Website: https://www.UniversalLogistics.com

Services: Truckload, Dedicated


P. A. M. TransportPAM Transport, Inc. logo

Location: Tontitown, Arkansas

Established: 1980

Website: https://www.pamtransport.com

Services: Truckload, Expedited, Dedicated


Next Moves on FTL & LTL 

As you’re making the decision as to which truckload or LTL company will work best for you, we suggest you read the following articles to best position yourself on obtaining competitive pricing:

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We hope you found this article helpful.  If ever you are looking at alternatives for your truckload and LTL freight requirements we would love to be a part of that conversation, so please visit our website to learn more about how we can help and follow us on our blog.



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