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What Is SmartWay Certified?

April 13, 2022 Kevin Baxter

SmartWay Environment

When looking into carriers and freight brokers to determine if environmental impact matters to them, whether or not they are SmartWay certified is a strong indicator. The program - founded in 2004 by the EPA - allows companies to become SmartWay certified partners through measuring, benchmarking and improving freight transportation efficiency - indicating a focus on supply chain sustainability. SmartWay certified partners can be shippers, carriers or logistics companies, while those not directly involved in freight can become affiliates. The SmartWay program includes three core elements:

  • The SmartWay Transport Partnership - Freight & logistics companies (and affiliates) can become SmartWay certified by participating in this voluntary program, committing to reduce their environmental footprint.
  • The SmartWay Brand - Partners can share SmartWay branding to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, plus transport equipment featuring SmartWay Verified Technologies meets standards of efficiency which save money & fuel - reducing environmental impacts.
  • SmartWay Global Collaboration - This collaboration harmonizes sustainability accounting methods in freight and logistics with national and global organizations as well as global policymakers.

InTek Freight & Logistics is among the nearly 4,000 motor carriers and freight logistics providers who count themselves as SmartWay certified, committing to sustainable efforts.

How to become SmartWay certified

Companies which ship freight, carry freight or coordinate logistics can apply to become SmartWay certified and begin measuring, benchmarking and tracking their efficiency and emissions footprint. Becoming SmartWay certified starts with a simple, voluntary application process for shippers or carriers/logistics companies. And by the way, it's free. SmartWay partners get an integrated set of no-cost, peer-reviewed sustainability accounting and tracking tools to help companies make informed freight transportation choices relating to efficiency and environmental performance. This also includes reporting emissions and fuel efficiency for companies that carry goods. And by the way, carriers can focus on trucking, ocean freight, air freight, rail or a combination of modes.

smartway_steps_to_success (1)The EPA highlights five basic steps to success for those involved in the SmartWay program:

  1. Measure your supply chain footprint
  2. Benchmark performance
  3. Report results
  4. Innovate operations
  5. Improve efficiency

In exchange for their commitment to sustainability, SmartWay certified partners get key perks, including: 

  • Environmental performance data they can use in sustainability reports and accounting
  • Access to detailed stats and reports on their efficiency and on their performance compared to peers
  • Documentation of their performance to show customers and stakeholders that they're SmartWay Partners in good standing
  • Rights to use the SmartWay logo to promote their participation
  • The option of putting the SmartWay logo on tractors & trailers (when applicable) if they meet EPA standards

If you're ready to take the next step, at InTek Freight & Logistics, we can help. Just tell us what you need and we'll discuss how our expertise can help with the unique shipping challenges your business faces. Rather do a bit more research first? View our Freight Guides for comprehensive articles and eBooks on all things freight and logistics.

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