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What Are the Benefits of a Customized TMS?

September 29, 2023 Kevin Baxter

Custom TMS

The right TMS - transportation management system - software solution offers plenty of benefits out of the box. But the real value-add, competitive advantage, cheat code, bang for the buck, etc., comes from a TMS that's customized to the specific day to day needs of a business. A TMS with the right setup offers a variety of functions that optimizes any company's freight and logistics operations. As here at InTek, we are a Certified MercuryGate TMS Reseller, Integrator and Support provider - with plenty of experience implementing this market-leading solution, we'll focus on the customized TMS benefits we offer.

Top 3 Customized TMS Benefits

The benefits of a customized TMS are many, beyond the basic functionality that leads to simplified flow of goods and freight cost savings. And with a customized version of MercuryGate - already a full-function cloud-based TMS that supports all domestic and international freight modes - customers will see major advantages, including:

1. Custom Implementation

Perhaps the greatest all-encompassing benefit of working with a partner like InTek versus using an out of the box solution is how the implementation process goes. We'll consult with you to glean both the concrete - like company size, user base, company type, etc. - and the more abstract, as in, your goals. This creates a full picture allowing us to customize the MercuryGate TMS solution to your needs, optimizing it to fit your operation. Implementation in this case covers a wide swath of activities supported by using us, including:

  • Configuration and Testing
  • Integration Interface Programming and Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • System Optimization Analysis
  • Internal and External Training
  • Go-Live Support as well as Post Go-Live Audit & Support
  • Coaching and Consulting Services
  • Project Management
  • Standard Operating Procedure Documentation
  • Support Help Desk

2. Custom Reporting

Each business has different metrics it wants to track, and while the TMS has some reporting capabilities built in, customizing its implementation offers a step above. For instance, InTek InTelligence is a data warehouse reporting and market data tool that captures highly valuable external market rate information and serves as a repository for historical information from the individual business.

This add-on is customizable to include whatever reporting areas a business is most interested in, whether they be operational, customer service-based, financial, or some combination. Reporting can be run on a preset schedule or on an ad hoc basis and can be accessed via mobile device, up to big screen projections for an entire organization to see. If need be, the information can also be sent to vendors and customers in a customized report that includes their logo and particular nomenclature.

3. Custom Technology Integrations

The MercuryGate TMS platform integrates with more than 50 logistics and supply chain platforms to offer a vast array of opportunities for a business to enhance its transportation operations. These platforms offer technology to include:

  • Track and Trace Across Freight Modes
  • Trucking, Intermodal, Air and Ocean Services
  • Load Boards and Freight/Load Matching
  • Route and Rate Optimization
  • Mapping and Analysis
  • Mileage Calculations
  • Onboarding Platforms for Added Capacity
  • Real-Time Market Data
  • Freight Brokering
  • Carrier Monitoring, Information, Safety and Insurance Ratings
  • Backoffice Financial Management, Payment, Audit, Reporting & Analysis
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Predictive Analytics
  • Freight Labeling
  • EPA SmartWay
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Claim Management

As you can see, that's a long list of integrations covering a variety of information and services from which a business can choose. And through the customization process, InTek can get some or all of these setup to suit an individual customer's needs.

If you're ready to explore customized TMS options to fit your business, simply fill out our quote request form and we'll be in touch, with our experts at the ready to get you started. For more information about InTek, or logistics and supply chain issues in general, check out our Freight Guides, including one on all things TMS.

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