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MercuryGate TMS Strategic Software Partners

August 15, 2019 Anna Young

Cloud Computing TMS

MercuryGate is a competitive cloud based SaaS transportation management software (TMS) that is proven to build a competitive advantage for today’s shippers, 3PL's, freight forwarders, freight brokers, and even carriers.

The latest Gartner Magic Quadrant on the TMS Freight Software market has MercuryGate listed as a challenger, which can be reviewed in the Gartner 38 page report.

MercuryGate has a long history of partnering with the best logistics and supply chain companies to allow its users to build a best of breed TMS platform that is a perfect fits for their customer, vendors and internal business stakeholder requirements.

The exceptional partner-base on which MercuryGate TMS continues to expand leverages an already robust transportation and supply chain platform that could arguably be called the best and last TMS a company will ever need to purchase.

MercuryGate TMS Strategic Alliance Partners


123 Loadboard

123 Loadboard helps truckers increase their loaded miles and brokers, shippers and manufacturers ship their freight effectively by using its cutting edge web and mobile app platforms.

With over 325,000 users and over 50 million load posts per year, load matching services help customers connect and share freight capacity requirements. 

Banyan Technology

Banyan TechnologyBanyan Technology   is an API provider with one of the industry's leading connectivity platforms. Shippers, brokers, forwarders, and 3PL's are connected with more than 2,000 carriers in its software to manage freight more efficient.

Banyan Technology provides live rating, tracking, invoicing, and documentation functionality to then compare and secure quotes, oversee end-to-end freight movement, and exchange reporting information instantly in the network. 


Carrier411Carrier411 is the industry's first carrier monitoring service. MercuryGate integrates Carrier411 through a web services interface to provide real-time function calls and custom reports.

Within these custom reports, customers can evaluate carriers, track safety ratings, BASIC scores, insurance authority and out of service (OOS) orders. 



Champ specializes in connecting to the air cargo community. 

Champ provides a system that powers air cargo and global trades through enterprise applications for carriers, forwarders and handlers, supply chain integration and APIs, and regulatory compliance services.

The Champ system reduces time and errors for airlines, GSAs, GHAs, forwarders or shippers. 


Cleo logoCleo offers an integration cloud platform. The flexible architecture delivers self-service or managed service models, enabling companies to connect, transform, integrate, orchestrate, and analyze end-to-end application, B2B, and data integrations for improved visibility across their business ecosystems.

The platform is a great solution for integration needs to modernize, consolidate and make IT system  integrations easier. 


COMDATACOMDATA is a leading provider of innovative B2B payment and operating technology that is used by many freight and logistics companies.

By combining their capabilities in technology development, credit card issuing, transaction processing and network ownership, they help clients build electronic payment programs that have a positive impact to their bottom line and help operate their businesses more efficiently. 

COMDATA  is the second largest commercial issuer of MasterCard in North America, and it also issuers a large number of fleet fuel cards, corporate spend cards, pay cards, and trucking permits. 


DATDAT (Dial-A-Truck) is a leading truck load board that advertises over 265 million loads and trucks posted and over $65 billion in freight bills within its freight rate engine.

DAT not only helps connect those with freight to move trucking companies, but also is a leading data firm that provides industry and trucking trend analysis.

Carriers, brokers and shippers alike can access the DAT platform through a mobile and desktop application.

Direct Freight Services

Direct Freight ServicesDirect Freight Services provide online freight matching for thousands of trucking companies.

The freight postings reach thousands of carriers via Internet, smart phones, email, text message alerts and nationwide network of truck stop screens.

Carriers and owner-operators can post loads or trucks for free on Direct Freight board. With a subscription to Direct Freight, credit load filtering, route planning, and other features can all be accessed. 

Pilot Flying J

Pilot aims to provide services to support trucking fleets and other service driven systems. 

When cash is low, Pilot Lying J Services is there to help with its fleet cards, direct bill and wholesale delivery programs.


FourKitesFourKites is a predictive supply chain platform, delivering real-time visibility and execution software.

Predictive analytics and real-time visibility puts customer in a position to  "connect the dots across global supply chains" for 3PLs and shippers alike.

Its platform blends together TMS/ERP information, identifiers from dispatch systems and GPS telematics within the FourKites app to provide real-time accurate information at a touch of a button. 


FreightFriendFreightFriend is deemed the "first social network for the transportation industry."

This load and truck posting company allows carriers, shippers, brokers, 3PLs and freight management firms to select who they want to share their information with, rather than open themselves to unknown companies bidding for freight by FTP file transfer, excel import or through Post Everywhere.

Google Earth

Google Earth is used within the MercuryGate platform for geo positioning, mapping and optimization execution and strategy analysis done within the TMS.  


HubTranHubTran a cloud-based provider for back-office automation of the freight audit, pay, invoicing and document management.

HubTran utilizes its advanced machine learning algorithms and OCR (optical character recognition) to screen scrape the vital information required for organizing invoices, BOLs, PODs and other supporting documents. 

InTek Freight & Logistics is an integration partner with HubTran and believe it to be the best freight audit, pay and document management software in the industry.


INTTRAINTTRA is the industry's largest multi-carrier network for the ocean shipping industry. The INTTRA Ocean Trade Platform has planning, booking and tracking capabilities with its easy-to-use software system.

INTTRA incorporates cloud-based software applications to cut costs and improve inefficiencies often found in an ocean shipment transit.  


LabelMasterLabelMaster is the go-to source for companies – big and small – to navigate and comply with the complex, ever-changing regulations that govern dangerous goods and hazardous materials.

From hazmat labels and UN certified packaging, hazmat placards and regulatory publications, to advanced technology and regulatory training, Labelmaster’s comprehensive offering of industry-leading software, products, and services help customers remain compliant with all dangerous goods regulations, mitigate risk and maintain smooth, safe operations.  LabelMaster prides itself in avoiding complex, ever-changing regulations.


LinescapeLinescape is a leading provider of sailing schedule data solutions.

Linescape utilizes API, Data Feeds and Analytics for finding alternatives and saving time. Linescape's website also offers three ways to search schedules, by vessel, port and carrier, which is unique to the industry and is pivotal to reaching wider audiences.


LoadTapLoadTap is "AI for Logistics Visibility and Productivity," enabling control and fleet management to operate in real-time.

Commonly mistaken for on-demand trucking, LoadTap is more geared to provide on predictive freight and truck matching analytics. LoadTap curbs internet connectivity issues and provides app-less track and trace technology to best provide affordable automation solutions. LoadTap is adaptable for any company with its own TMS through its standard REST APIs. 


MacroPointDescartes' MacroPoint has a substantial carrier visibility network, with over 80 of the top 100 North American Brokerage Firms, 54 of the Top 100 For-Hire Carriers and 30 of the Top 50 LSPs.

MacroPoint aims to grant customers the desired real-time freight visibility through a singular portal. Carriers can bypass check-in-calls with drivers and provide customers with accurate, dynamic ETAs for less workflow interruptions.

MacroPoint also has the largest ELD/GPS network in the industry. 


Modal-X is the dynamic door-to-door intermodal services software interface to access the Thoroughbred Direct Intermodal Services, Inc. (TDIS).

Modal-X is a web-based portal for instantaneous, dynamically priced, door-to-door intermodal rates for freight opportunities. With help from the Norfolk Southern Intermodal network and TDIS, MercuryGate customers can quickly see the rates and reserve capacity within its respective TMS.


Oracle NetSuite provides a suite of cloud-based financials / Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), HR and omnichannel commerce software that runs the business of companies in more than 100 countries.


OAGOAG puts data and insights into providing flight schedule information, such as status updates for arrivals and departures.

OAG also provides a historical flight status tool, where details regarding flights dating all the way back to 2004 can be accessed, which can serve to benefit businesses for a variety of solutions.

OAG's OTP dashboard is an industry leader in providing benchmark performance knowledge and reliability efforts. This can aid in instant comparison against competitors and defining what areas can increase flight reliability in future endeavors.


OmnitracsOmnitracs provides an innovative software and SaaS fleet management solutions to improve productivity, reliability, routing, safety and compliance of transportation assets.

Omnitracs core products include ELDs and Hours of Service, In-Cab Video, Real-Time Navigation, Routing, Load Boards and Fleet GPS Monitoring. 

PC Miler

PC*MILER Navigation

 PC Miler is the standard in the industry for mileage calculations used within the freight and logistics industry.

Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes offers supplies and services to refine the parcel ecommerce, mailing, shipping and software and data processes.

Pitney Bowes provides everything from software, a variety of APIs, and even enterprise software to refine the processes at low-cost investments.  


PostEverywherePostEverywhere helps companies reach motor carriers by posting to independent load boards and carrier apps.

Additionally, PostEverywhere uses a company's TMS to automate the freight posting process. PostEverywhere helps companies promote their business more effectively and establish a personal brand that caters to new, tech-savvy motor carriers. PostEverywhere can expand to freight and receive the best rates from national and local trucking companies, and owner-operators. 


project44Project44 enhances supply chain visibility for shippers, LSPs and carriers on a global scale.

Project44 gives its users shipment location and condition of shipment details, but that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to project44's Advanced Visibility Platform.

Project44 also provides reports detailing the delivery economy, its altered expectations, and how to use business intelligence to leverage efficiencies. 

Rand McNally

RandMcNallyRand McNally specializes in maps, navigation, road travel, and trip planning for consumer electronics, commercial transportation and education markets. The Rand McNally platform is well-respected across the logistics industry.

Hours of service logging, navigation and routing can be tailor to drivers, fleets and carriers. Additionally, Rand McNally produces connected vehicle and navigation technology and electronics to enhance road travel for freight providers. 


RMISRMIS (Registry Monitoring Insurance Services) specializes in compliance monitoring for the freight industry to ensure the carriers used within a company's logistics and supply chain is operating legally and fully insured.

RMIS prides itself in its innovative, easily integrated technology for "fast setup and no maintenance headaches."

RMIS also provides real-time insurance and with other business compliance and monitoring throughout several industries. 


SmartWaySmartWay is a voluntary logistics partnership program, brand and collaboration that helps companies benchmark and adjust to industry best practices to obtain the goal of enhancing the sustainability of their supply chains.

SmartWay achieves this goal by measuring, benchmarking, and improving freight transportation efficiency.  This program has advanced the development of sustainable supply chains.


SMC3SMC3 provides transportation pricing data and technology solutions for less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments.  The tariffs provided make it quick and easy to cost out and price an LTL shipment.


TransfloTransflo provides technology for commercial drivers.

Through the various Transflo platforms, companies can increase visibility, acceleration and intelligent business processes to the transportation industry.

Additionally, the document scanning and consulting services can simplify the most complex problems that arise during the shipping process for freight providers.


transolutionspromoTranSolutions was recently purchased by MercuryGate to further drive modernization and innovation with powerful in the freight claim management industry.

TranSolutions simplifies the complex processes of cargo and freight claim management with claim notification, tracking, search capabilities, claim presentation and multiple robust reporting tools and dashboards. 


trimbleTrimble  is a technology company with deep roots in the transportation and logistics industry.  They deliver a multimodal information platform for intelligent supply chain visibility that harnesses the power of Big Data.


TruckStop.comTruckstop.com is a freight matching solutions.

Truckstop.com offers logistics solutions for transportation professionals through load planning, transportation management, real-time rates, and negotiation tools, as well as the largest industry credit reporting entity helping industry professionals find trusted freight partners.

Uber Freight

Uber-Freight-Black-Logo-1Uber Freight is load matching service for the logistics industry.  Through its application shippers can work with thousands of carriers to electronically match their freight with available carriers.


InTek Freight & Logistics is an official MercuryGate Integrator with a team of MercuryGate systems support ready to help you with your MG TMS.

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